Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We were at the husband's aunt's house the other day visiting. We always visit her when we get the chance because the husband likes her. She also wants us to come because she wants to see the little man. She calls him his little Filipino baby. She loves him and he adores her. So much that it is like I don't exist when they are together, lol. I kind of like that because then it gives me time for myself. Is that selfish? We talked, we ate, and we just stayed until it was late and we had to go. We told her stories and she is fascinated to listen to any especially concerning the little man and my family back in Leyte. When the husband told her we send stuff in a box to my relatives she asked what stuff and when I said anything from clothes to lotion to facial creams, she got up and went to her room. When she got out she was holding several bottles of acne body wash and face cream she said she got for free. I did not get what store she got it from but she said she always gets free samples but never uses them so she is giving it to me to send to my relatives. I think I will try them first though and I told her if I like the product then I will use it instead of sending it to Leyte. She laughed and said do whatever I want. That is why I like her. She lets me get by with things, lol. She is a darling but she will tell you to your face she is one mean woman when riled up. I don't want her riled up, I want her nice :)

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