Saturday, April 17, 2010

a boo boo

About a month ago, the little man had an accident. He touched something he should not have and it gave him a boo boo. It was completely my fault because I should have been paying close attention knowing he will investigate but it happened really quick. His thumb had to be bandaged because we were afraid it will get infected if left open. Instead of him being upset, he actually liked it. It was like a badge of honor. It was kinda cute when he would offer his hand for dressings. Even when it was completely healed up after a couple of days he refuse to have the dressing totally removed. So we put a band-aid in it for a few days more. Look at the picture above and see if he was inconvenienced by his boo boo. He was not. But that does not mean I will let him get hurt again. I berated myself for that incident and I am now watching him real close so as to avoid any more accidents. I know it is part of growing up but like all parents, I get hurt when my child is hurt no matter how minor. We are being more careful, that's for sure.

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