Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stomach bug

The little man is sick. He has been throwing up since three this morning. We figure it is stomach bug. Again. He had this last year and now he is at it again. We don't know how he got it because we pretty much keep to ourselves. We rarely go out and when we do he stays in the car with his father while I run errands. He has not eat even when I offered him saltines. I know he will eventually. He is very cautious because he hates throwing up. We hope he will feel better. The bug usually runs for 24-48 hours and then eventually goes away. We hope this will be the case for the little man. I worry about him being sick. I would rather have him annoying his father and I than him being sick and weak as he is right now.


joy said...

i hope your son will get well soon.

Poray said...

thank you, joy.