Sunday, March 21, 2010


The little man despite my belief that he is tall for his age is called short by the rest of the family. The american side, that is. Most of the relatives said that he is short and skinny and that he got it from me. This observation annoys me because when I compare his height from other kids he actually belongs to the average group. So when people comment about his height I get affected. No matter if I love the people who said it. Or maybe more because I love them that is why it hurts more? It may just be pride for all I know. I am hoping he will be taller than what most people expect. Hopefully he will favor his father's genes as he gets older. I would hate to see my child having height issues like what I did on my youth. It was bad that I was thinking about taking hgh in hopes that I will grow a little taller. Unfortunately, I (or my parents) did not have the money to buy me anything I want. And too I was too afraid for the effect it will have on me. If only the little man is not too picky on food. This is where it gets tricky because I hope genes will play a role on it as much as food but if he is not eating right. I have to be more creative when fixing his food. And keep on hoping that he will grow up to be a big and tall kid after all.

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