Sunday, March 14, 2010

productive afternoon

I was in the backyard the other day to transfer my lemon grass to different pots. It was a long process since I had to dump the old dirt from the old pots we had, put fresh dirt in each one, take the old plants out then clean them stalk by stalk, and then plant each stalk in several pots after that. Tedious but relaxing all at the same time. Gardening always has been a pleasure for me. I don't mind getting dirty at all. The little man noticed I have been gone a long time so he started knocking on the back door. Take note, he was inside, lol. He knocked and kept on saying open it, open it so I did let him out to play while I was busy tending to my plants. He has been good lately, following instructions and not defying me. When I told him to play near me where I can keep an eye on him, he did. He eventually got bored so he got up and pressed on the doorbell for the benefit of his father who did not know he was with me. The poor man panicked when he opened the door because he said he could not see the little man. I asked him to keep an eye on his son. When he saw who buzzed he was relieved and murmured something about Filipinos ganging up on him before going back inside, lol. We stayed outside longer until I was happy with the result of my labor but I had to talk to the little man about when one has to ring on doorbells and when not to. It is not after all a toy. If he happens to do that on my Grandma's house there would have been a tongue lashing coupled with a spanking. Some people does not like to run to the door only to find out it was a prank. Anyway, he seemed to listen with that silly smile in his face so I do not know if he believed me or it was just another case of in one ear out the other. We may have to have another talk in the future about the same topic but at least I was able to do things peacefully without having to yell at him. My lemon grass were happy, I was happy and my little man was happy being out with me. Nothing better than that.

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