Tuesday, March 16, 2010

on weight gain

I have always said to people who is interested with the little man's antic how he is super hyper. Unless he is in the computer watching videos he could be anywhere in the house doing something and he rarely slows down. Instead of walking, he runs. And even when he is watching his favorite videos he dances, he sings, he does every single thing the kids do in the videos he watch. I think this is the reason why he is not fat. I mean, he does not eat much for a kid but I think he eats enough to make him gain weight but his weight has stayed at 30-32 lbs for a long time now. He is happy with this information though and I am too. Only the husband wants his son to gain more weight but it is not happening that fast. I have issues with weight gain so I don't want that to happen to the little man but the husband thinks it is better for the little man to get more meat in him (his words) so he does not look too skinny. Besides, he said I should only worry about weight gain when the little man is already older, not now. But I know that when you let fat creep on you, even foods that burn fat coupled with exercise will take a while to work. So it is better to start early. Besides, even the clinic said it is better to start early to train kids to be healthy so I guess I am doing it right. And by looking at the husband's older son (he is heavy), I am more inclined to be vigilant with the little man.

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