Friday, March 5, 2010

need more books

The little man is feeling better today. I thought he was alright yesterday until he started throwing up and then he had diarrhea. Later in the day though he was up and doing his usual thing and I felt so relieved. When he got up this morning he did not show any signs of being sick and I hope it will continue that way. He did throw a mean fit two days in a row. Just screeching and screaming for about thirty minutes like somebody was hurting him. I let him be until he settled down and came to me to ask for his blankies. He then slept through the night without any incidents. Now we are doing our morning routine and I am happy. Anyway, the two days the little man was sick I basically stayed offline. I opted to be near him so I grabbed a book and read while lying down with him in a pallet I made on the living room carpet. I was lucky I still had that book or else I probably would have gone crazy without anything else to do. Thanks to my leftover Amazon books I had something to read. Now I am out of books anymore. I need to buy more but I will try the flea market or the thrift stores first before I go to the bookstores. Books are cheaper there than anywhere else although the choices are limited. But beggars can't be choosers.

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