Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my little pack rat :)

Lately, he insists to bring his trucks with us whenever we get ready to go out. We could just be out to the drugstore or the grocery store, he never goes without his favorites. In case you missed the count, there are five trucks in this picture. And that does not include a mini-school bus which he added in the stash when I found it in the car the other day. He also insists that the trucks sit with him, er, on his lap. When he gets tired of the toys he places them in the seat beside his car seat until he is ready to play with them again. And once we get home, he brings them all in. He allows me to touch a couple of his trucks just because he could not hold them all in but not without making sure I have them in my hands ready to be transported back in the house. Thank goodness he has not taken a fancy on bringing the laptop with him. That will be huge problem and I think will cause a fight, lol.

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