Sunday, March 28, 2010

his car broke down

The husband got a call from his older son informing the latter's car broke down. He is on the interstate right now and he did not even make it to an exit. I hope he will be safe until his father gets to him. He was told not to drive his car on long distances anymore because it is old but he refused to listen and this is what happens. Why do kids opt to learn the hard way? He wants to know if we can have somebody tow his car but when asked where he is at specifically he could not provide an answer. Kids! We do have 24 hour towing from triple A and as long as we are present we can have any car towed for free. I just hope he will stay put and be careful while he waits for help. We may have a long night ahead of us. I am not going to bed until the husband gets home safe and sound.

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