Saturday, March 27, 2010

a gift

The little man received a gift from his Aunt S. It is a V.Smile pocket which he loves. And it came with cartridges, too. The game has been useful especially when I ran out of ideas to entertain him in the last couple of days. All it needs are four double A batteries, a cartridge and he is happy for the next few minutes. He giggles, he yells, and he stays in the same spot (which is a blessing sometimes, lol) until he gets tired of the game and looks for something else to do. Every minute I can do anything without worrying about him getting into trouble is precious to me. That is why I like this little innovation. Although I hope he will not get overly hooked to it. We only need the game to get him out of my way when I need to do something that does not require little hands. I know the minute I get all the bills straightened out, I will be prowling the internet for more game cartridges. Perhaps if I have extra money I will even order that digital camera I have been meaning to buy for him. As long as it makes my boy happy.

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