Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a toy?

The other day the husband borrowed my phone to call his sister. He did it because he did not want to run out of minutes on his phone. When the little man saw his father holding my phone he yelled my phone! and wanted to get it from his father's hand while the latter was still talking. Of course it did not go well. Both got aggravated and the little man ran to me crying. I had to explain to him it was not his phone and that if he wants to play with it he has to wait his turn. It took a long time for him to settle down that I thought about digging our old prepaid cell phones but I realized I don't have a clue where the phones are at now. We have two old prepaid phones which we purchased a year ago for back-up and I had both on one of my bags until the husband decided to rearrange everything and now I don't know where the phones are at. It would have been a nice toy to give the little man since we are not using them anymore. But the thought of digging through everything to look for phones did not appeal to me. Besides the little man settled down and did not ask for the phone again when he found a toy to play with. Thank goodness!

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