Thursday, February 11, 2010

on future plans

The husband and I talked about school again. He is adamant that I go back to school. I guess he is tired of hearing me whine about staying at home and not doing anything. I could work but I want to have a long-term career in the future for our kids. We agreed on online university for starters. I am not comfortable going on campus so I would be really happy to do it online at the moment. In the future I might try to go to school. But as long as the little man is not of school age yet, I will stay with him. We are now on a stand still as to what course I will go for. I really am into nursing and I could start an online nursing degree after making sure I have the necessary requirement. He wants me to go for something else. That is one subject we have to talk about some more. I have already checked online schools like Western Governors Online University and I like what I read about them. The school charges tuition at a flat rate which their website is saying is half the cost of the other online universities. Supposedly. I still have to check on that. I am not familiar on how schools operate here in the US so I need more information. But I am all for cheaper tuition as long as the school is accredited so there will be no problems when I seek for employment in the future should I finish a degree. I hope to apply for aid or maybe a grant if I qualify. I sure will have my hands full in the future and I hope I will be ready for it. Sometimes it is easier to whine than do anything at all :)

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