Wednesday, February 17, 2010

not so good

I am not feeling good this morning. The little man have been bugging me to do something I don't have any idea about. He drags me everywhere but will not tell me what he wants me to do for him. Somehow I think this attitude has something to do with the sound of the chirping birds in the backyard. He wanted to get out to investigate but we told him not to since it is very cold out there. Now he is starting to annoy me by just being silent while dragging me all over the house. I was able to get away when I said I have had enough. He knows I am not happy anymore. To top with the little boy's antic, his father is not in an agreeable mood either. Now I have two grumpy males to contend with. If this is not enough for me to have wrinkles and seek for wrinkle treatment in the future I don't know what will. Sometimes I hope these two will just be nice all the time and if they can't to keep their mouth shut because I always end up the one being aggravated which is not a good thing especially when it starts early in the morning. Unlike them, I can't switch my feelings in a snap. When I am annoyed it stays like that for the whole day. These two can be grumpy but they get over it really quick which annoys me more. I better take a shower. Maybe it will help make me feel better.

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