Wednesday, February 17, 2010

learning my password

Since the little man likes to use my computer, I taught him the password to my laptop. He already knows the first part but he is having a hard time on the rest for some reason. It may be because I don't write it down for him. I spell it out for him word for word and it is up to him to type it correctly. At first he typed in totally unrelated letters like CLA because he was trying to catch up but when I slowed down he finally got it. But not after a few tries. When the last try opened the computer he was very happy and left it alone. I knew he would if I will not give him a hard time. I am learning, you see. The more I tell him my computer is off limits he goes after it but hand it to him and he will leave it alone. Ha! Mommy is smarter than you might think :)

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Anonymous said...

My son had reading problems when he was young, so I turned the volume off on the T.V. and in order to follow the action he had to learn to read the captions. It worked and it also started a habit in our house of watching T.V. without the vol. I catch myself and my wife doing it all the time.