Wednesday, February 3, 2010

his own style

The little man is starting to get picky on the clothes he wears. He has favorites. He likes his white shirts and shorts. He also likes his blue jeans and tennis shoes. He hates jackets, sweats, anything that has long sleeves on them. It annoys me since he cannot go out in the cold without protection, he is liable to get sick. And he puts up a mean fight when I try to make him wear a jacket. We now compromise by letting him wear it to the car and once he is in his car seat we take it off. And then put it back on should we have to get out of the seat. It is a job alright but I am all for less arguments. Right now, he does not seem to like wearing his colored shirts for some reason. He runs to his drawer to get a white shirt and then runs back to me to help him put the shirt on. It somehow reminds me when I was a kid. I remember my mom getting annoyed at me because I wore my white shirts all the time and I was not really very good at keeping myself clean. It is now my turn and I better be good at it, lol.

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