Sunday, February 7, 2010


The husband let the little man get a bite of corn puffs and he has been asking for it saying he wants Chessiez. I thought he calls it chessies because of the taste. Little did I know it was the name brand of that particular puff that his father gave him. How would I know he would be paying very close attention as to even read and remember the name of that junk food? Both of them know that the little man is not allowed more than a serving. If I have my way he will never be allowed any of it in the first place because I am afraid of the sodium content. But they always find a way to put it in the grocery cart the few times they go with me to the store. I love cheese puffs but I don't think it is healthy for a child. I hope that like most food, the little man will get over his fondness for this one quick enough.


lirachadsbaby said...

aguy ka-bright sa ulitawo. madugay mami d n nmo maatik na.

poray said...

d na gani maatik kron mami ky kamao n mn mobasa...maru ni klaro ka pinoy lol