Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I saw the husband rubbing his arms this morning so I asked what was wrong. He said his skin pores are clogged and it is rough to the touch. He does not know what the little white clumps are but I think those are white heads. I felt his back and it was the same way. For the last few weeks he has also been complaining about his face due to a number of pimples in areas where they shouldn't grow. He said he is too old to be buying acne treatment so he hope the bumps will go away. He is lucky his son is leaving the bumps alone. The little man is very inquisitive that he is liable to squeeze a pimple when one is caught unawares just to know how one reacts about it, lol. Thankfully I have been spared. I hope the bumps will go away for his sake though. I know how uncomfortable that is.

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