Sunday, February 14, 2010

a boo-boo

The little man had a boo-boo. He got hurt a few days ago and we had to bandage his thumb so he will not mess with and let it heal faster. He is healed now but we still put gauze over his thumb to make sure he will not mess with it again. We will eventually take it off but he is enjoying having his thumb covered in gauze that we still change it every day. It helps too since he is not as rowdy with the thumb bandaged like that. I don't know what to do to him anymore. He gets more active every day and he does not care even if he gets hurt. He has bruises in his legs from climbing (and bumping) into everything. I thought I might only have to worry about joint pain when I get older but he is going to cause a heart attack on me one of these days if he will not listen to us. The husband gets annoyed that I can't seem to make his son stop but what can I do? We read books (which he loves), we watch his favorite shows together, I even play with him to divert his attention but when we are not doing these things he is back to running and climbing and hurting himself in the process. Are all boys like this? He drains me of energy just by watching him do the things that he enjoys. I even have to keep a close eye on him in case inspiration hits and he does something he shouldn't do. He reminds me of my brother so much. Very active and will not stay still. The only difference is that he is my responsibility whereas my brother was mom's. Could this be my payback for being obnoxious as a kid? Hah! I should never tell mom about it then so she cannot tell me "I told you so" on my face.

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