Friday, February 26, 2010

another mouse down

The little man tore up another mouse the other day. He nibbled through the wire and it was too late when I saw it. I did not even know what was wrong when the mouse did not work until I checked. It could not be saved anymore. He knew his mouse did not work so he left his computer the whole day which was pretty suspect should I have paid attention but I was so happy that he spent time snuggling with us that I did not act on it. I should have known what he did was his way of diverting me from the real issue. The next day he took the mouse from my computer and he has been using it ever since. I could not even borrow it even if he is not using his computer. He is keeping a close eye on the mouse. I am sure he is afraid I will hide it, lol. Now I don't have a mouse to use which is a pain when I navigate from one page to the next. And I have to check on auto insurance quotes too because our insurance will expire in a few weeks. I might have to use the husband's computer. Either that or buy a new mouse because these two are very touchy when it comes to me borrowing their computers. To think they use mine all the time without even asking my permission. I know, I am living in a house dominated by spoiled males and I am outnumbered so I will try to keep silent. For now :D

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