Saturday, January 2, 2010

a waste of time

I just got off the phone from an automated call from a card services something. I don't know how these people ever got my number or why they bother to call and use an automated voice afterward. It annoys me but there is nothing I can do but hang up. I sometimes talk on my native language but I don't think it did any good. I still get these calls. Sometimes it is about insurance marketing but most of the time it is about card services and credit protection. When the husband gets calls like this he used to talk like to an old friend which made me laugh but now he hangs up as quick as possible. It always gets me though. Since my phone rarely rings (I am not popular, lol) I think when it does it is important. Imagine what I feel when it is not. I hope they will leave me alone because they are just wasting both our times.

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