Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The little man is growing up quick. He is already tall for his age. He is all legs and arms. When I try to pick him up it is awkward anymore with his height but I still do it anyway. We both love the game, I pick him up so we can dance to any song I think of singing at the moment. Even his father who thought that his son is going to be a short guy said that we will have a tall one here. Thank goodness if that is the case. This means we won't need hgh releasers or anything of the kind. We might not be able to afford it, lol. I remember being approached by a classmate when I was in college to split the cost of an hgh product so we will grow a bit taller. We both are short, actually just a few inches taller than a midget if I am being honest with it. And she said she is tired of being considered the runt of the litter hence the hgh. I could not afford it then so I said no. I wonder what I would have looked like now if I did take it. I might be taller. Oh well, at least I married a tall guy so there is a 50% chance our kids will be tall too.

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