Saturday, January 16, 2010


My brother is set to go home this month. He works abroad yet he demands some things from me. He told me he wants an iPhone with all kinds of apps, several shirts, a pair or two of Levi's jeans, maybe some Victoria's Secret perfume and lotion (I have a very vain family in Leyte), and proactiv solution for his face. He expects me to buy all these, buy a balikbayan box and then ship it as soon as I can. Translate that to now. I told him I am broke and if he really wants these things he needs to shell out some money. His response was for me to treat it as credit, he will pay me when he is ready which might be never. Well, he will have to wait a long time because I am not spending that much money on his whims alone. Maybe I will buy one or two items from his list but that will be because I want to and not because I was almost ordered to. If we win the lottery that might be another story, lol. I know he will understand though. This is not the first time ate did not deliver. Sure won't be the last :)

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