Monday, January 18, 2010

little kids and food

Somebody wanted a taste of my favorite cup noodle and ended up eating most of it. I was left with mostly noodle soup and very little noodle. I am happy the little man is starting to venture into the unknown world of food. He is the kind to stick to the food he likes and it was frustrating to even try to make him eat anything. It still is now but at least he is trying new food and getting used to some. I now have a little more choice on what to serve him. I, on the other hand, am hoping to lose weight. Who am I kidding, it is my ultimate wish. As opposed to the little man's being finicky, I shove all kinds of food on my mouth and then feel guilty afterward. That is why I am back to exploring sites such as hoping there is a miracle pill out there I can pop up and I will not only get rid of fat I will also look fab. If only it is that easy. Back to the little man, he now eats three meals a day plus milk in between. Is he gaining weight? No. He is getting tall though which is a good thing. I will have to start eating vegetables so he will follow suit.

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