Sunday, January 17, 2010

i am starving!

I had every intention of staying in bed as long as I can this morning but that plan was cut short when I heard the husband arguing with his son. I heard cabinet doors slamming and the sound of a cup being dropped on the floor. So I had to get up and ask what was going on. The husband said somebody (his son, of course) claimed he was starving and he was opening cabinets to stress his point. Even took his father's cup of coffee and dropped it on the floor and made a mess. Thankfully the coffee was not hot. Unfortunately I had to clean it up. I don't know why he did not come and fetch me because that is what he normally does. I guess he was expecting his father to fix his breakfast which did not happen. I gave him milk while I get things ready to fix him pancakes and sausage. He has been behaving since he ate his breakfast. This little monster gets really upset when he is hungry. Must have gotten his temperament from me. Nobody messes with me when I am hungry. The only difference, I can cook for myself while he can't which makes it more frustrating for him. At least I get to solve that minor problem. The husband is unhappy that his son used the word starving. He is afraid he will use that term in public and people might hear it and think we are letting this little boy starve. I told him to settle down. Kids say words they pick up from adults and use it when it suit them. People can tell he is a well cared for little boy.

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