Thursday, January 21, 2010

he lost a shoe

In the middle of the intersection at that! We were walking the other day for an important mission when the little man wanted me to pick him up which I did. I figured he was tired trying to keep up with me and even if he is heavy I thought it was easier when I carry him. It was. Until his shoe slipped off while we were basically sprinting to get to the other side of the road. He yelled about his missing shoe and I had to wait for the light to change to run back and get it. Before I did though some misplaced samaritan decided to pick the lost shoe up and throw it, like she was throwing something distasteful, on the sidewalk. I screamed no! and she looked at me and started babbling like an idiot that she just wanted to help. Help? By throwing the shoe further away? Why not pick it up and hand it to the person who was obviously trying to beat the light running from one end of the road to the next just to get the freaking shoe? Some people are just hard to understand sometimes. But I am happy I got the shoe back, without being ran over, because that was the little man's favorite. Next time I will make sure everything is secure so we will not lost anything again while walking.

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