Friday, January 15, 2010

early night

The little man went to bed early much to his father's surprise. And I think delight if he is honest about it, lol. It is because when the little man is up and he sees his father sitting in the couch he sits beside him and starts a conversation. A conversation with pretty much incomprehensible words since when he gets excited he rattles off words that leaves us speechless because we do not understand most of what he says. We listen though and we try to talk back and praise him which results to more questions from our little dynamo. And when he engages you in a conversation, he stays with you until something catches his attention. And it could be a long time. If you are watching the news while he does that you might have to turn the television off, lol. Which is always the case in the evenings with his father. That was why the husband feels better that he can actually watch the news without interruption. It is rare. And I can do my nightly routine without somebody knocking on the bathroom door yelling mommy. Imagine having to do your girly thing before bedtime and your son screaming for you, it is not a pretty sight is it? I don't even stay in the bathroom long enough because I don't use the best night cream nor do I do anything else than wash my face. Still it warrants a knock and a call. I swear I will get him back for this when he is older and he wants his privacy just to annoy him, lol. We love our little boy but we do need time alone from time to time. I know he will understand that in the future.

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