Saturday, January 9, 2010

cold days

It had been days that the weather is too cold here in the South. It is not normal for us but we cannot do anything to stop it, only to get ready for the worse. We are so ready for a warmer weather where we can go out without bundling up. If it is cold in the South it is worse in Indiana where we used to live. They have snow and the temperature gets in the single digit. Think about being coped up inside the house for days. I don't blame the husband's aunt then when she called and asked him if he can search for orlando condos for her. She has been wanting to get a place in Florida for a while now. She said she needs a place she can run to when the weather gets bad because the cold bothers her now that she is older. The husband is all for helping because he also would like to move to a warmer climate. And she offered an open invitation for us to stay with her should we like to. That is why he has been looking online for condominiums. She might have to go and check the place out when he finds one though, after all it will be her property and she needs to see it first before she could sign the papers. I am loving the idea that we don't have to stay in a motel should we decide to visit the theme parks in Orlando.

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