Monday, January 4, 2010

clean and tidy

The little man woke up early this morning. We let him sleep with us because it was an unusually cold night last night and we fear our furnace is not working since it gives off cool air instead of warm. Being used to sleeping alone, he disliked the cramped space and plotted revenge by kicking me in the back when he woke up very early. He gave up eventually when he realized I was not ready to get up. His father saved him and they went to the living room while I went back to sleep. The problem with trusting his father with the little man is that they don't care whether they make a big mess. I had to wipe the floor tiles several times because it was covered with sticky substance. I did not ask what it was. What was the point? I had to clean it up anyway and so I did. Toys where everywhere. The television and the computer were turned on. Tables needed to be wiped. I ended up doing a general cleaning ahead of schedule to start my day right. I hate clutter and even if the little man loves to drink from a real cup I still give him juices on a sippy cup to minimize clean up but the husband gives in to his boy all the time and I end up cleaning. It is not a big deal really. I don't mind much as long as I get to sleep as long as I need to. Now the house is clean and tidy. As tidy as a three year old allows it that is.

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