Sunday, January 17, 2010

almost full

The little man has outgrown most of his shirts that we bought last summer. Which means we will have to buy new ones. Bigger ones to fit him better. Since he now has preference on what he wants to wear there are shirts that still fit but he will not wear anymore. I put one on him earlier and the minute I turned my back on him he had it off and ran to his drawer where I keep his shirts to get another. I hate to tell him no because I want him to be able to decide for himself. So I let him be. His old clothes, including those he does not like, will be sent to Leyte so other kids will be able to use them. Along with a toys. It is nice to have a box handy for this purpose. The current box only needs a few items and we should be able to bring it to the Filipino store to be picked up by the forwarding company. I only need some items for my parents, a few bottles of anti aging products for my aunts, and a few items for my niece and the box should be good to go. We may not even have to spend a lot of money for this box.

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