Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what to do

I have been having problems with the little man. He does not like to use the potty. He used to sit in the potty and wait until he either do number 1 or number 2 but not anymore. When I try to make him sit in the potty he fights it. I bought him a potty chair and we do have a potty seat for him for the toilet but they are useless. I do not know what to do anymore. He is three and I thought he might be more than ready for this new phase but he seems to abhor the idea. Ours may not be new Toto toilets but I keep it clean so there really is no reason to not sit in it. I am running out of ideas anymore. Should I just let him decide when he is ready or coax him some more to use the potty again? If I wait what if he will not be ready until he is five? And if I coax him to using the potty what if he will dislike it even more? I am doomed! I need help here. How could something that seemed so simple could end up being complicated?

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