Thursday, December 3, 2009

my and mine

Very proprietorial, is what the little man has become. Everything is my or mine. The backseat window is his because, well, he sits in the back. The marker is his because he is looking at it. The computers are all his. The tv (which is starting to annoy his father, lol) is his. He wants his favorite DVD on all the time he is up. Everything is his. It was cute at first until he yells in public for something he wants. I guess this is what I get for hoping he will start talking, lol. I was so worried that compared to kids his age he does not talk much that I prompt him to talk by talking to him all the time. But now that he is talking (all the time!) I hope he keeps his mouth shut sometimes to let me hear myself think. Am I a bad parent for thinking that?

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