Wednesday, December 30, 2009

hop on pop

My three year old loves this book. He can read the short sentences in it and he absolutely loves the illustration. He does get excited and reads Pop as Hop, lol. We have been reading this book for a week and I am glad he is not tired of it yet. This book was given to us by his Aunt S the last time we visited and I am glad she did. I would never have found this treasure by myself. There were plenty of books she gave us but we have only started with this one. Perhaps next time we will try the others one by one. The husband said that my passion for reading might have rubbed off on the little man because he likes books even when he could not read yet. The very first book he got attached with was the driver's manual I got for myself from the DMV, lol. He used to pore through the book like it was very interesting. Now he has moved on to something else. I will encourage him to read and to love books because it is good for him.

This is not a review :)

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Jen said...

Dr. Seuss is wonderful for encouraging reading; I still love his books! I used to read "Green Eggs and Ham" to my little brother all the time; he adored that book. (I read his books to my daughter when she was little too, now they wait on the shelf for the next generation... grandchildren :o)