Tuesday, December 22, 2009


For a time, the little man and I got hooked on a game in Facebook called Fish World. In there we get to buy the fishes we like to take care of as long as we can afford it and then sell them when they reach maturity. It does sound pretty simple, doesn't it? Especially since the fish food was free. All you had to do was click at the icon which signifies food, click on the fish tank and then the fishes are all full. Neighbors sent us supplies too like decorations and all that. Easier than having your own pond (which we do want to have in the future should we be able to afford a place to have it) and buying pond supplies to make sure the fishes will grow and the pond will prosper. The game got tricky when we forgot. Well, it was my duty to remember. I could not expect a three year old after all to remind me we had to harvest the fishes. Most of the time, our pet fishes died and we had to ask neighbors to revive the poor things for us. If nobody comes to our rescue then we had to flush them away and then we start over. It was pretty good until I kept on forgetting so I told the little man it was time to quit. Now we are into farming but the rate it is going we will be quitting too before long. And it will be time to look for new games.

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