Tuesday, December 8, 2009

celebrating Christmas for the little man

The husband and I have not decided whether we should put up our tree or not. What we have decided is that we will buy presents for the little man. He said we will wrap every present we get for him and wait until Christmas day for him to open all. I wonder where we will put the presents if the tree is not up. He agreed it does pose a problem. I suggested we will get plastic balls and decorations because most of the decorations were broken last year when the little man played with them. We might even just get us a smaller tree because what we have is pretty tall. We still have to talk more about what to do to remedy the situation. I want a smaller tree but I hate to throw the old one away. It is still pretty and with a little tlc it will surely look like new. We only have a few days so we better come up with a plan real fast. I hope the little man will get presents from people he cares about.

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