Friday, December 18, 2009

about to expire

I thought I heard something being banged on a wall the other day and when I checked it was the little man lifting the old laptop up from a table and then slamming it back down. I was horrified and asked him what that was all about. After telling him it was not the right thing to do, I found out the reason for the outburst-the computer was stalling on him. He does not like it (who does?) especially since it was on his favorite website Starfall. He is using my old 1G laptop and although it works on normal days it does act up when it gets warm. I am afraid he will tear it up. It is a good thing I already transferred all the important data that was on that computer so I don't need to get an online backup or any kind of backup for that matter. I had a few CD's full of photos and such saved somewhere in preparation for the computer to crash. I know it will eventually happen. The computer is three years old and had crashed once due to a virus. I hope it will stay working long enough for me to save up enough money to buy another computer for a spare. Will have to keep an eye on somebody so he will not bring the computer to its early demise.

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