Sunday, November 1, 2009


Don't you think my little boy makes a fine looking Dracula? Please say yes since we spent a pretty penny on that costume which actually was not his size, lol. That's what happens when parents wait until the last minute to look for costumes. We went trick or treating yesterday evening and we had a blast. I enjoyed it as much as the little man. It was awkward at first but we got the hang of it and before long the little man got in the fun. He even tried to dip his hands on one person's bowl of goodies. It was a good thing I stopped him on time, lol. The women who saw him said he was so cute in his costume and that he was a good looking vampire. I think it is because of his dark hair and fair skin which I hope he will be able to keep smooth when he grows up. It would be awful to have acne and go through the process of looking for acne treatment when he is in his teens. Anyway, we are glad we brought him to his sister's house to go trick or treating with his nephew and niece. They got a chance to play as well before we went out. And right now we have a bag full of candies and chocolates which nobody is eating since he does not eat sweets much. Anybody want some?


dddiva said...

He's adorable, cutest vamp I've seen yet.

poray said...

Thanks :)