Friday, November 6, 2009

should we stay or go with him?

The husband will go to the doctor in a little while. We have not decided if we should go with him or stay home. If I know him he will say we should go with him because he does not trust me with his son, lol. He thinks I am a scatterbrain that I will let his son get hurt. He is nuts I know. I told him once I will let him get hurt first before I will let anything hurt my son which he answered with a sarcastic thanks, lol. His paranoia has something to do with me calling 911 over a year ago when the little man got sick. He was frantic and had to rush home from work wondering what was going on because I was hysterical. I must admit I was at fault for not telling him the details but if you have been in a panic you will probably understand. You might think he sent a mass notification system considering the number of cars piled up in the driveway that day. He did call everybody he knew who could get to the house before him to know what was going on. And with all his worries and my hysteria it turned out the little man's seizure was caused by very high temperature due to fever. He actually was fine when the ambulance got to our place but I was so shaken at the time. I was not able to think straight. I hope it will never happen again though. And if going with daddy will make him feel better then we will go with him as long as we are allowed.

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