Friday, November 20, 2009


The little man is in his computer right now trying to "fix" it so he can open Youtube. I don't see that happening unless he switches user accounts and disables the parental controls I set up for him. He might figure it out though because he did last time. He even turned off the account I made for him so he will only have to use the admin account. Pretty smart, eh? When he gets bored from trying to figure out what needs to be done I know he will be on every possible sites he could go within the restriction. I know because he tried it before. Before the restriction I placed in the computer he used to watch music videos from Yahoo, watched videos from Youtube, visited and rearranged my farm on Facebook, went to different search engines which is available in the toolbar, and a lot more places. I am surprised he has not been on a health insurance site looking for free insurance quotes yet. I am afraid of what he will open or what will pop up when he opens a site so I did the restrictions. Now he can only visit Starfall and NickJr. I feel safer.

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