Wednesday, November 4, 2009

recording memories

Now that he is older, the little man will not pose for pictures anymore. Well, he rarely did even when he was a baby anyway. Only it is worse now. When I try to take pictures he runs either to me to grab the camera or away to hide. I now have a collection of pictures with eyes, arms, legs, back, and heads. Mostly close-ups too. It is aggravating sometimes but I can understand him to a certain degree. My mother did not like to have her pictures taken either. He must have that same dislike, lol. Anyway, I am now starting to use my digital camera's video recorder feature. He can run up to me but I still get to record our voices and our actions. The only downside is that it does not have much memory in it so I have to download the videos to the computer and then start over. We do have a camcorder but it is supposed only to work good at night time. I don't know why the husband even purchased it in the first place. It does not take good videos, not even stills. I am keeping an eye on a certain brand of camcorder to be on sale. If I get lucky I might have the money when it does and I will surely buy one. If nothing else I can make the husband pay for it if I can convince him we need a new camcorder.

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