Friday, November 20, 2009

the mouse trap

This is what the husband calls the little man after he tore up two optical mice we had for our laptops. What he does is he gnaws on the wire when he gets hold of one and since he knows how to unplug one from the computer he plays with it. This morning I woke up to the sound of plastic banging into wood and vinyl. When I checked, it was the mouse from one of the computers that the little man unplugged and thought about using as a toy. He dragged the thing in and around the kitchen area while running. Imagine what happened to the poor mouse? It quit. It died an unnatural death. We had to run to the store to get cheap ones which we plan on hiding after each use. Believe me, we have tried to explain that a mouse is for the computer and that it is not a toy but we only get a smile in return. So to save us from running to the store each time, we will take extra measures. I hope the mouse trap will leave our mice alone. After all, said mice are sort of family friendly, lol.

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