Wednesday, November 18, 2009

active kid

The little man is a very active kid. He gets into everything. Climbing and playing in the entertainment center is his past time. He gets on tables and jumps on our bed. And falls and bumps on walls all the time. I have often enough asked the husband if there are safety products we can buy for his son to use, lol. You know knee pads and protective clothing he can use so his legs will not be bruised and maybe a hard hat for his head while at it. And the said clothing has to be pretty tough and secure he cannot get it off for added measure. I know some parents say it is normal for kids to be this active and to get hurt in the process but I will never get used to it. I cringed seeing his legs littered with bruises or bumps. I can't wait for him to get over this phase. Maybe when he gets a little older he will be more careful.

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