Thursday, October 1, 2009


The little man is now a pro when it comes to using the computer. Why, he can fill the old laptop's screen with all kinds of icons, most of which are shortcuts on programs and add-ons he stumbles while clicking the mouse nonstop. It is funny but it is also tiring to delete all these nonsense icons daily. But this is the price I have to pay for allowing him to use the computer.

I let him watch educational videos on Youtube which he calls Yo-ga. Don't ask me why because he can pronounce Youtube quite well but when he is excited it becomes Yo-ga. We watch videos about colors (which he already knows very well), shapes, the alphabet song (I did not know there were about a hundred variations, lol), silly baby videos, and his favorite, animals. He giggles when he hears the sounds each animals make. Thankfully he is happy with these videos for now and he sticks with it even if we play each one over and over again. He is my own silly baby.

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