Friday, October 23, 2009

visit the beach

We've been going to the beach almost daily since Monday to check what it looks like after the husband heard on the news that the county was experiencing coastal flooding. There was almost no beach in the park during high tide and the dunes are being washed off by the water. I think it looks pretty and that it should widen the beach again when the water recedes but the husband said he does not think it will happen just yet. Even his fisherman friend said that the tide has been unusually high this month. This makes the husband think about myrtle beach which we have not visited for a while now. He wonders what the beach out there looks like anymore. I will not be surprised if he says we need to visit there one of these days. The only reason stopping him now is that we are broke. I am sure when we recover a little from this financial mess he will want to visit Myrtle Beach again. I don't really mind. I love the trip and the fact that we will be in a new environment even for just a few hours. It will be time to check too if there are still a lot of tourists now that the weather is starting to cool off.

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