Thursday, October 15, 2009

parental control is on

I have mentioned on my previous post that the little man is into Youtube. We watch videos of all kinds of children songs almost daily and he loves it. I do too since he is learning at the same time until he opened a video and we watched it and it was full of violence. It was animated alright but the content was not fit for an almost three year old. No, we do not sign in (even if I have accounts) so the videos will be filtered. Well, it was not. I was disappointed not to mention worried that my son loved the video (he cried when I turned it off). He wanted to watch it again but there was no way I would let him. I then opened another user account on the laptop where I set up parental control banning Youtube from it. I only allowed a few websites which are pretty safe and now I can even leave him alone even if he is using the computer. He ran to me several times asking me what happened to Youtube and I had to explain to him that we do not want to visit the site for a while. It is hard to explain to a toddler that what he watched was not suitable for his age. He forgot about it after a while anyway when he started with a game we played together. I realize I have to start to be vigilant where he is concerned. I might have to buy him more educational DVD which contains the videos we watched from the site so he will not feel bad. It is time to save up some more :)

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