Friday, October 30, 2009

no Halloween costume yet

It is Friday and I should be busy shopping Halloween costume for the little man but here I am sitting at home because the husband has to be with his older son. I don't know if we should go trick or treating with the stepdaughter and her kids or just stay home tomorrow. It would be awful if we go and the little man does not have a costume. I heard there will be a sale on Halloween costumes at Old Navy today and I am itching to go but I can't. How bad is that? I searched online and yes there are on sale costume but for anything to be here tomorrow it has to be expedited and I don't want to do that. So here I am torn. I am still hoping we can go to the store before it closes though. For right now I will keep myself busy even if it means staying online and doing a philadelphia job search to keep my mind off things. I do hope I feel better too because I have been feeling funny since this morning.

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