Thursday, October 29, 2009

new me?

The husband made an astounding discovery this morning, his wife is fat! Lol. He got up this morning to fix his coffee while the little man tried to wake me up. When he got back from the kitchen he told me that when we first got married and I happen to be curled up under the cover he could not tell if there was a person underneath. Now he claims he can tell there is somebody under the covers because of the shape which is mostly my hip. I asked him if it is time to pop the best diet pills yet and he said no, that I still look fine. I bet he was not ready for an early morning tongue lashing, lol. I remember he used to yell for me when in fact I was in bed under all the covers. He was not lying when he said he could not tell I was there because I was really skinny specially in the first trimester of my pregnancy. Fast forward almost four years later and I am big. Am I worried about it? You bet I am. Am I doing anything to stop the ballooning weight? Not really. I don't know. I am hoping for a miracle I guess. Who knows in the long run I will be able to accept the "new" me, fat and all.

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