Tuesday, October 27, 2009

going back to school

As a stay at home mom, I value my time with my son more than anything else in the world. The reason the husband and I decided for me to be this way is so one of us will be able to take care of our little boy while the other is at work. We want to at least have one parent present and with him daily. But staying home does not mean we don't plan for the future because we do. We know the little man will grow up and go to school and so I need to plan on what to do when that time comes. I could work then but right now I plan on going to school. I have not made up my mind on what course to pursue but I am leaning on nursing. I have to have my credentials checked because I did not graduate in this country and it may take some time but I am willing to wait. I have all the time in the world, the time I have after I make sure the demands of a three year old are meet. If I can get a few subjects online to finish the requirements to be a nurse I will be happy. Going on campus will have to wait until we are ready. I am hoping I will be accepted to enroll and get a master's degree after all I did finish college. It is tricky and like I said it requires effort and time planning to do anything but I have my hopes up. Online master degrees are available, thank goodness! If I can find me an accredited, reputable school I will be very happy. If nothing else, I can ask my sisters-in-law who have experienced having online classes and seek their advice.

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