Saturday, October 10, 2009

baby eggs!

I made scrambled eggs this evening because I found four cracked eggs-three in our bed and one in the dining table. The little man opened the fridge and got all four eggs from the box, ran around the house yelling baby eggs over and over again. His father, who instead of getting angry only laughed, told him those were not baby eggs rather just eggs which hatches into chicks which in turn becomes chicken. The little man listened, thought it was too complicated for him to understand, continued yelling baby eggs. Well, he cracked the three he brought to our bed which thankfully did not stain the bed. So I cooked the eggs instead of letting it go to waste. It was good and I ate it all up since none of them wanted any. I hope he will not do these again or I will have egg diet for the next couple of days unless we run out of eggs, lol. This is one side of learning I did not count on happening but then I am not complaining. Merely amused at my little boy's antic.