Friday, September 18, 2009


The little man is now good with navigating sites on the internet. When he gets bored with his game he opens windows and types in gibberish on the search bar which actually give him options. Crazy isn't it? He opens so many windows all at once that he makes the computer stall. He is using a one gig laptop which has been reformatted so it is sure to happen. Anyway, I always watch him while he does that and he ends up basically everywhere online from Yahoo messenger video tutorials (which is his favorite he memorized the link already), to videos of old songs on Youtube, to vacations destinations such as Hawaii and Oahu hotels, pages that I bookmarked, and goes on different search engines. Luckily he has not been to any porn site that I know of. Maybe because the computer stalls before he can open any more window. When it does he lives it alone and I turn the computer off and he resumes playing with his blocks to make words. He is a busybody. I have to start hiding the computer from him before he opens something he is not supposed to. His father is happy knowing he is learning though and he said as long as I am watching what he is doing I should be able to stop him if he does accidentally gets into anything nasty.

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