Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The stepson has a Sebring convertible which his father bought for him. It basically has new parts since the latter bought and fixed everything before he gave it to his son. After almost two years though his son is complaining about its air-conditioner not working some times. It is a shame too since it happened when the husband could not do anything to help his son. We might just bring it to a friend who is a mechanic and maybe he will be able to fix it. They can then order and get Mopar performance parts for his vehicle. If the husband was able he probably could just buy a part from a used car lot but then they could not take a chance of having the AC quit working again so they need something that will last for a long time. Good thing it happened when it is not too hot anymore or else he would bake in his car while driving down the road. Not a pretty thought.

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